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Joy Bar: The Ultimate Christmas Dive Bar to Beat the Tampa Heat



Joy Bar hosts a variety of live events

While the scorching summer sun beats down on Tampa, Joy Bar offers a refreshing oasis of winter wonderland vibes all year long. This delightfully kitschy dive bar stands out as Tampa’s sole permanent Christmas-themed venue, providing a cozy, festive escape no matter the season.

Stepping into Joy Bar feels like entering a holiday celebration frozen in time. Bedecked with twinkling lights and adorned in the quirkiest holiday decor imaginable, the bar radiates a nostalgic charm. Imagine the wild energy of an office holiday party gone rogue—that’s the essence of Joy Bar. Patrons can enjoy pool tables, beer pong, and even a claw machine to test their luck.

But Joy Bar offers more than just festive decor. It’s a vibrant hub for entertainment, hosting regular comedy nights and lively karaoke sessions, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. Who will belt out Mariah Carey’s hits first?

The festive spirit is complemented by some of the most budget-friendly drinks in town, making it a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike. Happy hour runs from 5 pm to 8 pm, featuring 12 oz bottles and cans for just $1.50, with prices remaining affordable even after 8 pm.

For those craving unique holiday cheer, Joy Bar serves up signature Christmas shots that deliver a flavorful punch. Favorites include The Christmas Morning, a delightful blend of Fireball and Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream, and the SINamon Toast, a mix of Goldschlager 107 Proof and Mr. Boston 90 Proof Peppermint Schnapps.

Joy Bar seamlessly combines festive fun with a laid-back dive bar atmosphere, making it a must-visit destination in Tampa. Whether you’re seeking refuge from the summer heat or eager to revel in holiday spirit year-round, Joy Bar promises to deliver Christmas magic anytime.

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