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Best Yoga Spots in the Tampa Bay Area



Best Yoga Spots in the Tampa Bay

Whether you’re a novice on the mat or an experienced yogi, Tampa Bay (TBAY) offers a plethora of places to deepen your practice. Here’s a guide to 15 exceptional yoga studios around Tampa and St. Petersburg where you can find your zen and enhance your well-being.

If You’re Just Getting Started

Jai Dee Yoga & Wellness, 5610 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa

Begin your yoga journey at Jai Dee Yoga & Wellness in Seminole Heights. This studio specializes in beginner hatha yoga classes that focus on mindful breathing, using props, and mastering postures. Beyond yoga, indulge in massages, cupping, gua sha, and essential oil treatments at this holistic haven.

Yoga Six, Multiple locations

For a versatile experience, Yoga Six offers everything from basics flow and restorative sessions to dynamic hot, power, and sculpt classes. Don’t worry if you forget your gear; each studio sells yoga mats, towels, and other essentials.

Bella Prãna Collective, 1112 W. Platt St., Tampa

Explore Bella Prãna Collective’s diverse offerings, including yoga for men workshops, beginner classes, and gentle flows. Start with an unlimited pass for your first month and then choose from various class packages or membership options.

If You Want to Connect with Community

Namaste by the Bay, Multiple locations

Join Alexandra for free weekly classes at Midtown Commons in Tampa, followed by socializing at nearby spots like Shake Shack. Namaste by the Bay also offers private corporate sessions and custom classes for groups.

Kodawari Studios, 3965 Henderson Blvd., Ste. C, Tampa

Discover Kodawari Studios’ inclusive atmosphere with free Saturday morning yoga flows at Armature Works. Explore their diverse class offerings, including vinyasa, yin, and pulse, along with unique amenities like cold plunges and a Nordic sauna.

The Body Electric Yoga Company, 3015 7th St. N., St. Petersburg

Located in St. Pete’s Five Points neighborhood, this community-oriented studio hosts over 55 classes weekly, including outdoor sessions at the St. Pete Pier. Enjoy workshops and special classes, complemented by a nearby Squeeze Juice for a refreshing post-yoga treat.

Yoga Loft Tampa, 2002 E. 5th Ave., Unit 102, Tampa

Experience a wide range of yoga styles at Yoga Loft Tampa, from soul flows and candlelight power sessions to convenient lunchtime flows, fostering both movement and community.

If You’re Looking to Sweat

Ganesha Hot Yoga & Wellness, 11350 66th St. N., Largo

Challenge yourself with Ganesha Hot Yoga 90, a unique blend of Bikram Yoga and Yin practices designed to enhance fascia and connective tissue health. The studio also offers acupuncture, massages, and art classes for comprehensive relaxation.

Gaze Hot Yoga, 1809 N. Tampa St., Tampa

Gaze Hot Yoga brings the heat with options like aerial yoga, hatha, sculpt, and yin classes in both heated and non-heated rooms, ensuring a rejuvenating experience.

SunState Yoga, 553 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. N., St. Petersburg

Embrace warmth at SunState Yoga’s intimate studio with classes like warm slow-flow, vinyasa for athletes, and heated power vinyasa, catering to various preferences and fitness levels.

Lucky Cat Yoga, 2740 N. Florida Ave., Tampa

Established in 2010, Lucky Cat Yoga offers a variety of classes in its Solar Studio, ranging from vinyasa and hot yoga to rocket yoga. Enjoy classes at iconic TBAY landmarks like the Kress Building and The Dalí Museum.

If You Want a Mix of Fitness Options

Ybor Restore Yoga & More, 1722 N. Nebraska Ave., Tampa

Explore unique practices at Ybor Restore Yoga & More, including Healthy Back Yoga Wall and yin/restorative sessions. Benefit from VIP unlimited yoga and massage packages for continual relaxation.

CAMP Tampa, 3012 W. Palmira Ave., Tampa

Known for its vibrant community vibe, CAMP Tampa offers diverse yoga flows such as sunrise hip hop and meditative sessions, alongside spin and strength classes for a holistic workout experience.

Union Three, 1221 E. Cumberland Ave., Tampa

Conveniently located in Channelside, Union Three combines hot flow yoga with cycling and hot boot camp options, ideal for those seeking a dynamic fitness routine.

Blend Sweat Social, Multiple locations

Blend Sweat Social offers a fusion of fitness options including Pilates and power flow yoga, catering to varied preferences and enhancing overall well-being.

Whether you’re seeking to start your yoga journey, connect with a community, or sweat it out, these top yoga studios across Tampa and St. Pete provide the perfect sanctuary to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. Embrace the diversity of offerings and find the studio that resonates with your wellness goals.

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