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Hurricane Season Prep: Tampa Electric is Ready, Are You?



Tampa Electric is storm ready in hurricane season

Hurricane season is upon us, and experts are forecasting an unusually active year. The six-month period from June 1 through November 30 can bring a touch of dread. Am I well prepared? Will my home or business be damaged? How long might we be without power?

These legitimate fears can be eased by preparing in advance. Tampa Electric prepares year-round to address potential power outages in Tampa Bay. This is how Tampa Electric provides 99.98% service reliability in all weather conditions.

Tampa Electric’s system serves about 840,000 customers, including 85,000 businesses across 2,000 square miles of Hillsborough and parts of Polk, Pasco, and Pinellas counties. Dependable energy is not just a convenience; it’s a lifeline. From powering hospitals to fueling homes and businesses, a continuous source of electricity is more important than ever. Tampa Electric achieves reliability through careful planning, smart investments, and committed execution.

Tampa Electric’s strategic investments help reduce the impact and duration of power outages. Since 2018, these investments have reduced power outages by over 30% and shortened their duration by 40%.

Tampa Electric’s Storm Protection Program (SPP) invests about $150 million annually to strengthen the system against extreme weather. About half of Tampa Electric’s 12,000 miles of power lines are underground, safer from storm impacts. Since 2021, the SPP program has converted 240 miles of lines to underground. In 2023, thousands of wooden power poles were inspected, strengthened, and replaced, and more than 2,000 miles of overhead lines were cleared of vegetation. This program means fewer and shorter outages after extreme weather.

Tampa Electric continues to install “self-healing” technology that automatically isolates outages and routes power around the problem without needing a field worker. This minimizes the number of customers affected by an outage and shortens restoration time, enhancing safety and reliability. Where this technology has been installed, customers have experienced a more than 50% reduction in outages and flickers.

Tampa Electric’s strategic investments are providing value to customers. During Hurricane Ian, none of the company’s storm-strengthened assets experienced issues. Outside of major hurricanes, Tampa Electric customers saw fewer repeat power outages in 2023, with shorter durations than the previous year.

In December 2023, the National Weather Service (NWS) recognized Tampa Electric as a Storm Ready Community, making it the first Florida electric utility to receive this national designation. This recognition is based on the utility’s year-round training, written plans, weather monitoring, facilities, and communication.

The Tampa Bay region is booming, and Tampa Electric is preparing to meet increasing energy demands from a rising population and the growing electrification of homes, businesses, and vehicles. The company is also addressing evolving risks like cyberattacks by improving the safety and security of critical facilities. While preparing for the future, Tampa Electric remains focused on long-term affordability by closely controlling costs and making sound decisions to deliver reliable service to the community.

Preparing for the worst Mother Nature can offer is crucial for safeguarding lives and property and for personal peace of mind. Everyone should visit their county’s emergency management website for hurricane preparedness guidance, tips, and resources.

Tampa Electric’s online Storm Center is also a great resource to help the community be storm-ready, storm-safe, and storm-wise. You can learn the best ways to prepare for a power outage, safely use generators, protect appliances from power surges, handle downed power lines, report a power outage, and monitor restoration status.

Visit for tips to be storm-ready, storm-safe, and storm-wise.

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