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Florida Ranked Worst State For Singles In 2024



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If you’re a single Floridian, you might need to look beyond state lines to find love. A recent study from ranked Florida as the worst state for singles in 2024.

Researchers used modern dating trends to create their criteria, finding that today’s singles value open discussions about mental health, alignment on social and political causes, and sensitivity to debt. Each factor was weighted based on its impact on the dating experience, and the study evaluated which states align best with these values.

Here are the eight factors considered:

  1. Percent of never-married adults above 15 (higher percent means higher ranking)
  2. Confidence/romance crime victims per capita (higher percent means lower ranking)
  3. Mental health providers per capita (higher number means higher ranking)
  4. Unemployment rate (higher rate means lower ranking)
  5. Cost of living (higher cost means lower ranking)
  6. States most likely to ghost you (higher likelihood means lower ranking)
  7. Formal volunteers per capita (higher number means higher ranking)
  8. Registered voters per capita (higher number means higher ranking)

The data was sourced from the American Community Survey by the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a Forbes Health survey, and other state databases.

Florida’s performance was lackluster across the board. It ranked last for formal volunteers per capita and registered voters per capita, coming in at No. 50 for both. The state landed in the bottom half for all factors except unemployment rates, where it ranked No. 20. High rates of romance crimes and a shortage of mental health providers further dragged down its ranking.

Top 5 States for Singles:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Mississippi
  3. Louisiana
  4. Michigan
  5. South Dakota

Other states that ranked poorly for singles include Kentucky, Alaska, Arkansas, North Dakota, and West Virginia.

For the full list, check here.

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