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Body Cam Captures Tampa Tragedy: 3 Killed, Deputy Injured in Shootout



Body Cam Captures Tampa Tragedy

Newly released body camera footage from the Hillsborough County deputy who was shot during a shootout that left a family of three dead Saturday night.

At around 11:09 p.m., officials responded to a home on Cactus Wren Place in Tampa after they received a call from the woman saying her son had a gun and that her husband had been shot. The shooter, 19-year-old Christos Alexander, was found outside with his mother.

In the video, the deputy is heard yelling at the mom to get out of the house and for the teen to keep his hands up, not reach for his gun, and to let the mom walk toward officials.

According to deputies, Alexander shot his mother in the back of the head and fired his gun at 26-year-old Deputy Shane McGough.

Five deputies then fired back at the suspect, who crawled back inside the home and barricaded himself in.

The HCSO SWAT team, crisis negotiators, and a robot arrived on the scene to help enter the home. Deputies used their robot to enter the home through the front door. The father was found dead on the floor right when officials entered the home before Alexander was found dead in another room.

“[The] deputies do a great job,” Sheriff Chad Chronister said on Sunday. “Their training kicks in. They start rendering aid. They remove the deputy from this dangerous position and place where he was exchanging gunfire, get him out of the line of sight from our bad guy, and immediately start lifesaving measures by applying a tourniquet on his leg so he doesn’t bleed out.”

According to Chronister, Alexander lived with his parents. Deputies were called to the home 10 times before the deadly shooting, mostly for mental health services and violence against his parents.

The sheriff said there was also an active risk protection order against Alexander that led to deputies seizing his guns. Investigators are working to find out how he obtained the gun used to kill his parents.

“The monster we encountered this evening isn’t just responsible for injuring our deputy, He’s also the subject who killed his own mother and father,” said Sheriff Chronister. Deputy McGough underwent surgery Sunday morning to remove the bullet from his leg and had a rod inserted. He is expected to make a full recovery in three months. The sheriff’s office said the other four deputies involved in this incident were Deputy Brandon Schade, 26; Deputy Richard Ziegler, 33; Deputy Bjar Atkins, 38; and Deputy Ciara Moncada, 34.

None of the deputies used deadly force before this incident, officials said. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the incident.

“To see this situation unfold is truly scary,” said Sheriff Chronister. “There is no doubt that the swift response of our deputies mitigated the threat for this community. Please keep Deputy McGough and his family in your prayers as he recovers from surgery this morning.” The report is published by WFLA.

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