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Tampa Mother Accused of Killing 4-Year-Old Son Denied Bail



Tampa Mother Accused of Killing 4-Year-Old Son Denied Bail

A Tampa mother accused of beating her 4-year-old son to death will remain in jail until her trial, according to the State Attorney’s Office 13th Judicial Circuit. Prosecutors argued that Arayia Hudson, 37, should not be given bond. “The facts of this case will make anyone’s stomach churn,” State Attorney Suzy Lopez said in a statement. “This defendant stole the life of an innocent child, and we will ensure she is held accountable for this horrific crime. This young boy’s family should be planning for him to begin kindergarten, not planning his funeral. We will make sure this defendant doesn’t have a chance to hurt another innocent child again.”

Investigators reported that Hudson told officers her son began coughing after eating potato chips and drinking water, but a medical examination found Joseph had “numerous injuries, including bruises, abrasions, and internal bleeding.” The autopsy determined that Joseph died from “blunt force trauma to the head and torso.”

During testimony, investigators revealed Hudson’s motive was related to a bathroom mess. “The motive, at that point, was there was poop in the bathroom, and she asked him if it was from him, and he denied it. But it was on his hands as well, so, she knew it was him,” a detective stated.

According to police, Hudson attempted to conceal evidence of abuse by claiming she was disciplining him and used makeup to hide bruises around his eyes. Officers discovered Hudson’s two other sons, aged 9 and 14, during their visit to the home. The 9-year-old son told police that Hudson kicked the 4-year-old in the stomach and pushed his head into the wall multiple times and that the child was nearly unconscious, prosecutors wrote.

The 9-year-old expressed reluctance to be “too truthful” because he did not want his mom to go to jail, according to the motion. An autopsy revealed that the 4-year-old had multiple impact marks on his head and his brain was swollen. He also had a laceration on his liver, 150ml of blood in his stomach, and contusions on his intestines. WFLA initially published the story.

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