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Cleveland-based company called Euclid Media Group buys creative loafing media company



Acquisition of San Antonio Current and Various Publications by Local Media Group

Exciting News: The San Antonio Current has a new owner! Chava Communications, a local media group, has taken over ownership from the Cleveland-based Euclid Media Group. Along with the alt-weekly publication and online news site, Chava Communications now also owns three other publications. Stay tuned for exciting updates from the newly minted owner!

Introducing Chava Communications: A dynamic media group led by power couple Cassandra Yardeni Wagner and Michael Wagner. Formerly known for his role as publisher of the Current, Michael now takes the reins as CEO of Chava. The media group has expanded its reach with the acquisition of The Cleveland Scene, Orlando Weekly, and Creative Loafing Tampa. Additionally, Chava Communications has also acquired Local Culture, a thriving social media and digital marketing agency.

The deal’s specifics remain confidential.[ihc-hide-content ihc_mb_type=”show” ihc_mb_who=”3″ ihc_mb_template=”1″ ]

“As someone who has worked in the independent media industry for 25 years, this is the next big step,” Wagner said in the news release. “Alongside our colleagues, Cassandra and I have poured a lot of soul into our publications, websites, events, and clients.”

Introducing Chava Communications: Reviving Local Independent Journalism for a Brighter Future

According to Yardeni Wagner, the name “Chava” has a beautiful meaning in Hebrew – it symbolizes “life” and serves as a heartfelt tribute to her beloved paternal grandmother. Chava Communications is on a mission to breathe new life into the world of local independent journalism.

In recent years, this vital form of reporting has sadly been on a decline, with a noticeable downward trend since 2010. The COVID-19 pandemic dealt a devastating blow, exacerbating the challenges faced by these passionate storytellers.

But fear not, for Chava Communications is here to make a difference. They are dedicated to fostering and nurturing local independent journalism, revitalizing its role in society and empowering the voices that have struggled to be heard.

Join them in this exciting endeavor as they embark on a journey to rebuild and support the backbone of every thriving community – journalism that truly matters. Together, they can create a brighter future for local news and ensure that their vital stories continue to shape our world.[/ihc-hide-content]

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