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Hotel Floridan’s transformation, costing $30 million, is almost done, and its new name reflects a nod to its historical roots



Hotel Floridan's transformation, costing $30 million, is almost done, and its new name reflects a nod to its historical roots

Located in Tampa, Florida, the Floridan Hotel, formerly the tallest building in the state, is currently undergoing an extensive $30 million renovation and will soon be rebranded.

Originally constructed in 1926, the Floridan Palace Hotel was a lavish New York-style hotel that graced Tampa. However, it gradually fell out of favor due to the economic challenges brought on by the Great Depression and subsequent years.

Today, a comprehensive revitalization project is in progress, encompassing both the interior and exterior of the hotel, situated at the intersection of Cass Street and Florida Avenue.

“It was an asset in the community that was untouched, so we’re literally bringing this building back to life in a community Downtown that’s thriving right now,” says Crystal Rivera, the hotel’s general manager.

The hotel is set to be renamed ‘The Flor,’ featuring an interior bar known as ‘The Dan.’

“I saw the sign from 275 or I-4 and I thought, oh, I would like to work at that hotel. It reminded me a lot of New York,” shared Mohamed Khald, a mixologist at The Dan. 

The 210 guestrooms at The Flor are currently undergoing a transformation, embracing modern styling while incorporating accents that pay homage to the hotel’s historic beginnings.

The Flor is set to join the Hilton Tapestry collection, a group of hotels designed to cater to the needs of both business and leisure travelers.

Rivera states that The Dan and the adjacent Cass Street Coffee Company café will be tailored to serve the local community as well as employees at the federal courthouse located just across Cass Street.

During the mid to late 1920s, the hotel proudly held the title of being the tallest building in the entire state of Florida. This extensive renovation project has been in progress for nearly two years.

For guests, the experience will be akin to stepping into a time machine that simultaneously journeys both backward and forward.

“We actually talk about that all the time,” explained Rivera. “We’re replicating something for the next hundred years.” 

The Dan Bar and Restaurant has already opened its doors, and The Flor Hotel is on track to welcome guests in just a few weeks.


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