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Lost Tampa Bay Kayakers Successfully Located After 8 Hours in the Dark



After nearly eight hours of being missing, two kayakers from Tampa Bay were successfully brought back to shore on Monday.

According to Hillsborough County deputies, the kayakers were last spotted near Apollo Beach on September 4th. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our Aviation Team and Marine Unit, the couple was located just North of Apollo Beach, as confirmed by the sheriff’s office.

Upon reaching the kayakers, deputies inquired about their well-being, to which the kayakers replied, “Not really, we just got lost.” Both the kayakers and their vessel were safely rescued and transported back to their residence without any injuries.

“Thank you so much,” one kayaker told a marine deputy. “We just got lost and it was so crazy.”

“We are immensely proud of our team for their swift response,” Sheriff Chad Chronister said. “Their commitment to safety knows no bounds, and today, they made sure these adventurers made it back to shore unharmed.”


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