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New Tampa’s Latest Dining Spot Focuses on Japanese Cuisine



Japanese Dining Spot in Tampa

TAMPA, Fla. – New to the Westchase area, Minano Ramen opened back in March and has quickly gained the attention of foodie fans.
“We noticed that there was a lack of Asian cuisine in the area,” shared Tom Kuo from Minano Ramen. “We wanted to bring our Ramen to the Westchase area, and we saw a popular demand.”

While Americans may think of “Ramen” as a simple noodle soup dish, Minano Ramen aims to create an immersive experience.
“It’s a casual dining experience that is really popular in Japan,” described Kuo. “To where people go sit at the bar drink, some sake, have some beer, enjoy ramen and yakitori, and an assortment of other Japanese cuisine.”

The interior of the restaurant is as colorful and authentic as the dishes they serve.
“We focus mainly on our ramen bowls, we have an assortment of different ramens,” said Kuo. “I want people to experience an authentic Japanese Izakaya.”

An “Izakaya” is a Japanese term for a dine-in sake shop or a bar that serves food.

Kuo shared, “I want to bring a little slice of Japan here to the Westchase area.”

To visit Minano Ramen in person, head to 11909 Sheldon Road in Tampa. They are open seven days a week.

To visit Minano Ramen in person, visit 11909 Sheldon Road in Tampa. They are open seven days a week. First was reported on FOX 13 News.

To learn more about them and to visit their menu, click here. Also, you check Out Instagram.

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