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Tampa Bay Region Ranked Among Top 15 at Risk of Job Displacement by AI



Tampa Bay Region Ranked Among Top 15 at Risk of Job Displacement by AI

New research from reveals that artificial intelligence is impacting employment in the Tampa Bay area.

The latest findings position the Tampa-St. Petersburg region among the top 15 areas in the country most susceptible to job displacement caused by AI technology. Out of the 1.3 million individuals in Tampa’s workforce, over 190,000 are classified as “at-risk,” comprising nearly 14% of the total job market.

Across the nation, over 10 million jobs fall into the category of “at-risk” occupations.

“The types of those jobs vary, but specifically you’re looking at administrative work, record keeping, bookkeeping, data entry, clerical work things like that. It’s really widespread especially as this technology continues to advance,” explains Collin Czarnecki with

According to the recent research, the Tampa-St. Petersburg region highlights the following three occupations as the most affected by AI:

  1. 39,320 retail sales employees
  2. 44,150 cashiers
  3. 29,910 customer service representatives

Czarnecki suggests that AI has the potential to influence up to 80 million jobs within the next five years. Nevertheless, this technology may also give rise to 70 million new job opportunities.

For concerned employees, he suggests, “Really upscaling your current talent, taking online courses, taking different trainings and making yourself competitive within the work environment as we see these types of changes taking place.”


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