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Tampa International Airport Increases Parking Rates to Keep Up with Inflation



Tampa International Airport (TPA) is increasing its parking rates starting Tuesday, April 13th, 2023. The price increase is needed due to a combination of growth and inflation in the area.

The daily rate for Economy Parking will go up by $2, meaning that 24 hours of parking will now cost $14 instead of the previous rate of $12. Hourly rates remain unaffected by this change.

“A year of historic inflation and rising labor and construction costs has hit the Tampa area at a higher rate than many other large airport markets,” said an airport spokesperson. “We understand that this may be an inconvenience for some travellers, but it is necessary in order to keep up with these increased costs.”

The increased revenue from the parking hike will go towards further improvements at TPA, including new shops and restaurants, additional amenities such as charging stations and upgraded security processes.

Tampa International Airport remains committed to providing a safe and convenient experience for all travelers who pass through its gates. As part of this commitment, the airport is looking into ways to make the parking process more efficient and cost-effective in the future.

“We are continuously searching for innovative solutions to make our airport better for our passengers,” said another spokesperson. “This includes finding ways to reduce wait times at our car parks while still providing a secure environment.”

Tampa International Airport understands that travellers may not be thrilled with these changes but hopes they can understand that these increases are necessary in order to keep up with inflationary pressures in the region and continue offering world-class service to its customers.


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