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The Motor Enclave Unveils Spectacular 5,000 Sq. Ft. Artwork on Tampa Bay’s Busiest Interchange



Designed by Philadelphia's Glossblack

The Motor Enclave revealed its latest masterpiece in Tampa Bay, an impressive mural gracing the I-75 side of its expansive 37,000 square foot Event Center, just north of the bustling I-4 interchange. This striking artwork, titled the ‘Motomural,’ was meticulously crafted by renowned Philadelphia-based muralist, Glossblack. Spanning nearly 5,000 square feet, the ‘Motomural’ is poised to become an iconic symbol at the primary crossroads connecting Tampa and Orlando, witnessing the daily passage of over 142,000 vehicles.

Brad Oleshansky, the visionary behind The Motor Enclave, collaborated closely with Glossblack, maintaining secrecy until the painting commenced on September 1st. The mural boasts a captivating fusion of motorsports-inspired imagery, vintage roadside elements, and subtle nods to Tampa’s rich history and culture.

Via: The Motor Enclave

“The goal of this mural is to pay homage many things at once; a collage that represents The Motor Enclave branding, classic Americana, motorsports, patina & graffiti elements, and of course a nod to Tampa. It’s a ‘favorite things’ mural for TME that speaks to how unique they are and how they are not afraid to be bold and take risks,” said Jimmy McMenamin, Owner and Artist of Glossblack. “Much of my artwork revolves around collage, balancing color while creating building blocks that tell a larger story. I love all things typography, vintage signage, neon lettering, dynamic shadow/lighting, and retro Americana. For that reason, working with TME was a perfect fit. We hope that others find this artwork fun, surprising, and inspiring. Public artwork is so important and can easily change a drab area into an energized, positive environment.”
“I am thrilled to finally have this piece of the project come to fruition. It’s been a fun process working with Glossblack and their artists to make this project come to life,” said Oleshansky. “It’s been just as fun keeping the artwork a surprise for my team here at TME. But the wait is finally over and what better way to show off our soon to open Event Center.”

About Glossblack
Jimmy McMenamin is an artist, muralist & graffiti writer from the Greater Philadelphia area. In 2008, he created Glossblack, LLC as a way to offer his artistic skills to everyone; business owners, homeowners, corporations, etc. Glossblack’s client list is extensive, having provided wall art for the likes of Disney, Google, Comcast, Red Bull, Under Armour, 76ers, Eagles, Gap, Budweiser, & Dunkin. Today, he can be found in his South Jersey studio painting, screen printing, designing, and planning for upcoming mural work. Aside from his passion for art, murals, & typography, he loves spending his free time with his lovely wife & three children.

About The Motor Enclave
The Motor Enclave is the premier developer of experiential motorsports venues in North America. Our 200-acre development in Tampa, Florida includes a 1.6 mile Hermann Tilke designed driving circuit, 2-acre vehicle dynamics pad, 100 acre off-road experience with miles of purpose built trails, 37,000 square foot corporate event center and the largest Private Garage community in the world with more than 300 privately owned luxury garages. Every adrenaline filled detail has been designed and engineered around delivering memorable experiences to our owners/members, corporate clients and the general public. Complete details can be found at


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