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Tampa International Airport to Temporarily Shut Down on Tuesday Preceding Idalia



In anticipation of Tropical Storm Idalia, which is predicted to intensify into a major hurricane prior to reaching Florida’s Gulf Coast, Tampa International Airport is set to suspend operations on Tuesday.

The announcement made on Monday clarified that commercial flights will cease post-midnight, and during this period, the airport will remain off-limits to visitors and will not function as an authorized shelter.

The airport’s proactive closure aims to ensure the safety of jet bridges, equipment, and aircraft before the anticipated storm impact on Wednesday, as stated in the released communication.

While select private and cargo flights will continue to operate in the early hours of Tuesday, all aerial activities are slated to halt by 7 a.m. as per the airport’s directive.

While the aim is to resume operations on Thursday morning, Tampa International Airport acknowledges the potential for an extended closure contingent upon the timing of damage assessments and potential road closures that could hinder the reopening process.

The status of potential closure for St. Pete–Clearwater International Airport has not been disclosed, but the airport is actively monitoring the storm’s development.

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