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Tampa to host annual nude cruise 2024: “The Big Nude Boat”



Yup! You read right, get ready for “The Big Nude Boat” as it makes its annual voyage departing from Tampa on February 25 aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s ship, Carnival Pride. Prices start at $1,200 for a double occupancy room, operated by Bare Necessities. Don’t miss this exciting adventure!

Although the unusual cruise will be hosted on a Carnival vessel with its staff, it’s not Carnival-sponsored. Bare Necessities, a tour and travel company that’s “been working to break down the barriers of social nudity” since 1991, chartered the ship to host its week-long excursion, per the outlet.

The demographic on nude cruises is “surprisingly wide,” according to Cruise Critic. Adults of all ages take part, though they’re generally college-educated, between 35 and 65, and appreciate outdoor recreation and activities, per the cruise ship review site (70% are also repeat customers).

Clothing might be optional on Carnival Pride, but some rules do stand. Customers must be dressed whenever the ship is in port; on some excursions in port; and in certain areas of the vessel, including the main dining room and select specialty restaurants, per cruisebare.

Furthermore, photography is strictly prohibited unless explicit permission is granted by the individuals being photographed. Additionally, towels will be provided for all guests who choose to be in the nude or near-nude, as stated by the outlet. Your privacy and comfort are a top priority on this cruise!

So, What Is A Nude Cruise?

Bare Necessities trips are for naturists — not kinky adventurers. “We try to stay pure to the values of the American Association of Nude Recreation” or AANR, said Ken Tiemann, chief operating officer for the Austin, Texas-based Bare Necessities.

“We’re not a lifestyle or a swinger cruise, There is a little bit of confusion. We’re just offering a cruise to people who prefer not to wear clothes.”said Tiemann


Here are the rules of decorum for the 2024 cruise.
When the ship is docked alongside in port, all passengers must be dressed throughout the vessel, including balconies, until the ship leaves port and an announcement is made that nudity is again permissible..

The ship provides a self-serve buffet on the Lido deck, which is a clothes-free area. Clothing is required for all meals taken in the dining rooms. Casual attire is fine in all of these venues. Bathrobes are not permitted in the dining room..

Lingerie, fetish-wear, and excessive genital jewelry are not appropriate at any time..

Please sit on a towel at all times while nude, in a G-string, thong, or any time you are bare-bottomed. A fresh beach towel will be provided in your stateroom each day for that purpose.

Displaying yourself nude in front of other ships in port or while port authorities are on board the vessel for clearance is strictly prohibited..

No photographs, videos or electronic images of any person may be taken without the express consent of that individual. “NO PHOTO ZONES” around the pools or in dance venues must be followed to avoid confiscation of photo capturing devices.

Dangerous or rude behavior will not be tolerated at any time.

Fondling or inappropriate touching of personal body parts or those of someone else, overt sexual activity or any solicitation for sexual acts is strictly prohibited.

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