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The proposed train route connecting Chicago to Miami would skip over Tampa.



The proposed Amtrak route from Chicago to Miami would bypass Tampa in its current plan. The Federal Railroad Administration has suggested 15 preferred long-distance routes, aiming to extend Amtrak’s network by over 23,000 miles.

The Chicago to Miami route would include stops in cities like Indianapolis, Nashville, Atlanta, and Orlando but excludes Tampa. Tampa Union Station leaders have urged the inclusion of the city and invited public feedback until March 8.

Despite Tampa not being part of the initial study, efforts are being made to advocate for its connection due to its growing population and strong transportation ties.

Investments in Tampa Union Station are underway, aiming to enhance facilities. Currently, Tampa is linked to Orlando and Miami via rail with one daily train to both destinations. The expansion plans are in early stages and would require funding from the U.S. Congress for implementation.


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