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Hillsborough River to Welcome Yacht Starship Group’s Newest Floating Dining Experience



Hillsborough River to Welcome Yacht Starship Group's Newest Floating Dining Experience

Prepare for an extraordinary gastronomic adventure along the picturesque Hillsborough River, as Yacht Starship Dining Cruises unveils its latest masterpiece: the groundbreaking “Craft,” a European-style river cruise vessel unlike any other.

Stretching an impressive 130 feet in length and boasting a mere 11-foot air draft, Craft proudly claims the title of the largest commercial ship to grace the Hillsborough River, effortlessly gliding beneath five of its lowest bridges.

Craft’s appeal lies in its capacity to accommodate up to 150 passengers, featuring an open kitchen concept complete with a gas grill and stove. Guests can relish their meals in utmost style, with three distinct dining options: indoors, outdoors, or at the inviting bar. Adding a touch of vintage charm, a 1914 wooden cruiser transforms into an enchanting bar.

The pièce de résistance? The culinary creations are expertly curated by Executive Chef Allison Beasman, a Tampa native known for seamlessly blending innovation with tradition. While the specifics of the menu remain a delectable secret, Craft promises an array of brunch, dinner, and artisanal cocktail choices designed to tantalize your taste buds.

The official launch date is yet to be determined, but Craft will soon be open for reservations, beckoning guests to indulge in its offerings come this fall.

Troy Manthey, President and CEO of Yacht Starship Dining Cruises, shared his enthusiasm stating, “Craft has been a dream of ours since the first cruise in Tampa over 22-years ago. It’s a purpose-built vessel, creating a new era of cruising in Tampa, which is sure to exceed guest expectations. Tampa was recently ranked first in boat tours by Wallet Hub and as the operator of Florida’s most diverse fleet of passenger vessels we are proud of this distinction!”

Yacht Starship Dining Cruise has already established a prominent presence in downtown Tampa, boasting a fleet that includes the Pirate Water Taxi, Lost Pearl, Bay Rocket, Tampa Riverwalk Rentals, and the iconic Yacht Starship. Tampa, get ready for the exciting debut of Craft, ushering in a new era of river cruising like never before! Stay updated with Craft on Instagram.


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