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Zukku Sushi Expands with Two New Asian Dining Concepts at Armature Works



Zukku Sushi Expands with Two New Asian Dining Concepts at Armature Works

Various food stalls frequently rotate in and out of Armature Works’ Heights Public Market, with a local restaurant company being the driving force behind several fresh culinary ideas.

As reported by the Tampa Bay Business Journal, extensive construction is underway in the space that was previously occupied by Cru Cellar and Zukku Sushi. Once these renovations are complete, there will be ample space for the evolution of Zukku Sushi into Zukku Sushi 2.0, along with the introduction of two new dining ventures, Ling’s Dumplings and Han Hand Rolls.

During the ongoing renovations, Zukku Sushi will temporarily set up shop in the former location of Bento Asian Kitchen, adjacent to Bake’n Babes at Armature Works.

The exact launch date for Ling’s Dumplings and Han Hand Rolls remains uncertain at this time.

Ferdian Jap, the managing partner of the recently established Majestic Restaurant Group, shared with TBBJ that their customers have been expressing a strong desire for dumplings. Recognizing the rapid expansion of their culinary ventures, Jap created a new parent company to oversee all the concepts within the Zukku brand.

On the other hand, Han Hand Rolls represents an experimental sushi counter concept, where patrons will have the opportunity to observe their orders being skillfully hand-rolled right before their eyes. The menu will prominently feature fresh fish and seaweed. Given Zukku Sushi’s specialization in a diverse range of rolls, burritos, and bowls, it will be fascinating to see how these two sushi-focused concepts will distinguish themselves from each other.

In addition to the three upcoming concepts within Armature Works, Zukku Sushi also manages Zukku-San in Wesley Chapel and the burrito and bowl restaurant Āto in Lakeland and Wesley Chapel. Furthermore, there’s an additional Zukku Sushi location in Charlotte, North Carolina.

For the latest updates on Zukku Sushi and its new Armature Works concepts, you can visit their Instagram page at @zukkusushitampa.


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