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Tampa Launches App to Reintroduce Doctors’ House Calls



A new app aims to revolutionize health care by allowing users to have a doctor on demand wherever they are.

RevDoc’s mobile app enables users to bring doctors to their homes, hotels, offices, or dorms, according to a release about the app’s launch in Tampa, its first market.

“We created RevDoc to enable patients, not insurance companies, to have the power to make their own health care decisions,” said Anil “AK” Kottoor, the Tampa-based founder of RevDoc. “We allow doctors to develop stronger relationships with patients by spending more time providing care and less on the administrative burden that insurance companies impose.”

The app is self-funded by Kottoor and is a separate venture from FutureRx, a health care ecosystem for health plans and pharmacy benefits managers. Kottoor, who was previously CEO of MedHOK before leaving in 2018, started building the app in 2021 after witnessing how long it took the average Floridian to receive health care treatment. RevDoc is a double-sided app that connects providers and patients directly, without a middleman.

“The idea came to me after several bad experiences where providers would schedule me for appointments three months out when I needed assistance the next day, or in-home doctors charging me $3,000 for something that was only worth a few hundred bucks,” said Kottoor. “I did my research and found that nothing similar to RevDoc existed, so I began to build it.”

A Forbes study found that while Floridians may enjoy a lack of state tax, Florida has the highest average premium for residents with family health insurance coverage through an employer ($7,258 annually). The state also has the fourth-highest percentage of adults reporting 14 or more mentally unhealthy days a month who could not see a doctor due to cost (30.1%). Additionally, Florida has the eighth-highest percentage of children whose families struggled to pay their child’s medical bills in the past 12 months (11.1%).

The story is different for Tampa Bay residents, who have access to affordable care in the Southeast, compared to similar markets across the U.S., according to the latest cost of living data. Local health care costs are lower than in Atlanta, Austin, Raleigh, Dallas, and Denver and below the national average, the data shows.

RevDoc offers access to over 100 health care services, including primary care, urgent care, sports medicine, weight loss, men’s and women’s health, aesthetic services like Botox, laser skin treatments, and labs.

While the app launched exclusively in Tampa, Kottoor plans to expand soon. “We wanted to test the app in Tampa first, and right now, we’re up to 150 downloads a day without much publicity,” said Kottoor. “We’re signing up more providers daily and expect to expand across Florida and then launch nationwide by early August.”

Providers who use the app can set their own schedules and rates. After a background check, they can go live on the app and start seeing their patients.

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