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Tampa Innovators Introduce Groundbreaking App for Real-Life Connections



In a world saturated with digital exchanges and superficial interactions, two trailblazers from Tampa, Manny Manzel and Conor Crighton, are reshaping the way we engage with one another. Their brainchild, Crossed, utilizes cutting-edge geo-proximity technology to facilitate genuine, real-life connections. Ranging from forging friendships to uncovering professional opportunities and kindling romantic bonds, Crossed transcends the norm of networking platforms by emphasizing authenticity and closeness.

Unveiling Crossed – A Gateway to Authentic Connections:

Crossed stands out as a novel app that spotlights authentic, real-world connections. Unlike conventional dating and networking apps that rely on mindless swiping and distant matches, Crossed utilizes geo-proximity technology to link users with individuals they encounter in their day-to-day lives. Whether you seek companionship, romantic ties, or business affiliations, Crossed streamlines the process of meeting and engaging with nearby individuals, facilitating the establishment of meaningful relationships. Additionally, the app features elements that encourage community interaction through local events and activities, fostering a more inclusive and supportive social sphere.

Pioneering Geo-Proximity Technology for Connection:

The concept behind Crossed’s geo-proximity technology emerged from a common frustration: connecting with someone only to discover they’re miles away. This often results in disillusionment and missed opportunities for face-to-face interactions. By prioritizing matches based on physical closeness, Crossed heightens the chances of users meeting in person, thereby enhancing the potential for authentic relationships. Beyond individual matches, the platform motivates users to participate in local events and group endeavors, cultivating a more comprehensive and supportive community ecosystem.

Promoting Safety and Privacy in Real-Time Connections:

Crossed places paramount importance on user safety and privacy. The app incorporates robust user verification mechanisms through a collaboration with Plaid, ensuring authenticity and security. Tools such as reporting, blocking, privacy settings, and encrypted messaging offer users a secure and private space to engage with others in real-time. The unwavering commitment to user safety guarantees a sense of security for the thriving Crossed community.

Initial Phases with Grand Ambitions:

While Crossed is still in its nascent stages, the team harbors optimism about the future. The platform is on the verge of a public launch, with the founders confident that success stories will quickly follow suit. The primary focus has been on laying a sturdy foundation, ensuring a user-friendly, safe, and secure environment conducive to genuine connections.

Overcoming Hurdles and Eyeing the Future:

Developing and launching Crossed have not been devoid of challenges. The journey has imparted valuable lessons in resilience and innovation to Manny and Conor. Actively listening to feedback and continuously refining the app has proven instrumental in overcoming obstacles. Looking ahead, the founders envision Crossed evolving in response to user feedback, with the promise of exciting new features and expansions on the horizon.

Manny Manzel
Manny Manzel

Embracing Local Roots and Global Aspirations:

A product of the University of Tampa, Manny’s local insights have significantly shaped the development and rollout of Crossed in Tampa. The city’s lively ambiance and communal spirit have fueled their resolve to craft a platform that resonates with its inhabitants. Manny and Conor are dedicated to integrating local events and popular city spots, enriching connections within this vibrant community.

A Collaborative Partnership Driven by Passion:

At the core of Crossed’s triumph lies Manny and Conor’s partnership. Their transparent communication and teamwork have been indispensable in navigating the complexities of app development. Empowering their team and fostering a collaborative atmosphere have empowered them to innovate and set themselves apart in a competitive landscape.

Fostering Genuine Connections in an Authentic Space:

Crossed transcends the shallowness often associated with traditional networking platforms. Prioritizing authenticity and real-world connections, the app motivates users to engage with individuals in their vicinity. By maintaining reasonable pricing and abolishing entry barriers, Crossed establishes an inclusive environment where individuals from all backgrounds can authentically connect.

Conor Crighton

Entrepreneurial Insights and Community-Centric Vision:

Conor’s background in the Cayman Islands has profoundly influenced his business approach and interpersonal dealings. Recognizing the challenges of forming new connections in a different environment, Conor and Manny embarked on creating a platform that empowers users to forge meaningful relationships. Crossed places a premium on user feedback, consistently refining the app to better cater to their needs and enrich their experience.

Innovative Marketing Techniques and Success Metrics:

Crossed’s marketing strategies encompass targeted digital advertising, influencer collaborations, and community engagement initiatives. The app’s success is gauged through both quantitative metrics, like user sign-ups, and qualitative feedback. A strong emphasis is placed on the quality of relationships within the Crossed community, reflecting the app’s core mission of nurturing authentic connections.

Adapting to a Mobile-Centric, Connected World:

In an era marked by remote work and digital nomadism, Crossed offers a distinctive avenue for users to connect and build relationships regardless of their location. The platform creates a space for users to interact with like-minded individuals who share their passions, interests, and aspirations, irrespective of proximity.

Developing a Thriving Community:

More than just a dating app, Crossed is a platform that ignites real-world connections and meaningful encounters. By cultivating a vibrant community, Crossed delivers value to its users, urging them to “Swipe Less, Live More.”

Crossed is now available for download and is live, reshaping the landscape of social and professional networking with its focus on authenticity, empathy, and mutual regard, as Manny and Conor intended. Find Love, Friendship and Career Opportunities by Simply Living Your Life!


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