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COhatch Joins Forces with King State to Establish St. Petersburg Location



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COhatch St. Petersburg and King State concept set to open end of 2023

COhatch, an innovative and rapidly expanding company known for its community-centric approach to shared work and social spaces, has announced a strategic partnership with the beloved local establishment, King State, to establish a dynamic new location in St. Petersburg. COhatch is the company’s second Florida site and first coastal community space. This venture marks King State’s second brewery and will be an integral part of COhatch’s exciting expansion in the St. Pete area. King State, which is owned by Nate Young and his brother-in-law Tim McTague, opened its doors in 2019.

“We’ve been really focused on this St. Petersburg location, really leaning in and making sure every detail feels right,”

Said McTague.

“We appreciate the fact that COhatch sees the value of restoring and renovating buildings. We’re big fans of working with established materials and structures and not erasing any of that historic magic, which COhatch also knows a lot about and continues to make a priority for all of their locations. The excitement of having that community-feel is really important to us and being able to partner with COhatch has only added to that anticipation.”

The collaboration between COhatch and King State brings together two visionaries in their respective industries. COhatch has garnered praise for its transformative workspaces that foster collaboration, productivity, and a sense of belonging within the community. Meanwhile, King State has earned a dedicated following for its exceptional craft brews and warm, inviting atmosphere.

“King State has been a perfect fit for COhatch as a food and beverage partner,”

Said Brian Sanders, Tampa Bay Market Leader at COhatch.

“Both companies are trying to build beautiful spaces for communities to come together, network, and make living a little easier. King State has their own community, and we’re excited to grow our COhatch community with people who share our passion of creating spaces where people feel at home, a place where they belong.”

This new location will embody COhatch’s signature blend of professional amenities, event spaces, and an array of member benefits, while King State a Tampa-based coffee roaster, beer brewer, restaurant, and coffee shop will add its distinct touch with a carefully crafted selection of craft beers and delicious offerings. The collaborative space promises to be a dynamic haven where professionals, entrepreneurs, and community members can come together to work, network, and build relationships.

The COhatch and King State collaboration will not only elevate the work and social scene in St. Petersburg but also contribute to the overall economic growth and prosperity of the region. The new location is slated to open its doors at 15 8th Street in the historic Harlan Hotel. Set to open by the end of 2023, and both companies eagerly await the opportunity to welcome the St. Pete community into their innovative and inviting space.


COhatch is not just your typical shared work and social space—it’s a revolutionary concept built upon the principles of community and holistic living. Since its inception in 2016, COhatch has emerged as a transformative force, offering members the opportunity to lead fully integrated lives, harmonizing work, family, well-being, community involvement, and giving back.

At the heart of COhatch lies a vision to create a space that transcends traditional coworking environments. It goes beyond providing a place to work; it nurtures a thriving community where members can flourish in all aspects of their lives. Imagine the essence of a vibrant Town Hall reimagined for the modern world—this is COhatch, embodying Town Hall 2.0.

COhatch was born from the shared dreams of a group of friends determined to live out their ideal lives while making a positive impact on their communities. This passion for transformative spaces led to the inception of COhatch, and since then has 34 locations open or under construction nationwide.

Locations in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Springfield, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; Tampa Bay, Florida; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is only the beginning of their journey. COhatch is on the verge of expanding its transformative vision to more communities.

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