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Pawn Stars Do America Coming to Tampa Bay This Month!



The Pawn Stars are coming to Tampa Bay this month for the filming of their spinoff show “Pawn Stars Do America.” The show will be filming for six days in downtown St. Petersburg, and is currently collecting applications from locals who want to see the episode filmed live in person.

Rick, Corey and Chumlee will be making their way around some of America’s most exciting places in search of historical finds and impressive collectible objects. Fans of the show can get the chance to mingle on set, watch the Pawn Stars guys work, and see the process of the show being filmed while they are in town.

“We’re excited to explore all that Tampa Bay has to offer,” said Rick Harrison, co-owner of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and star of “Pawn Stars Do America.” “This is a great opportunity for us to showcase some unique pieces that we wouldn’t otherwise come across at home in Las Vegas. We look forward to meeting our local fans and bringing them along on our journey!”

The popular show will be filming in St. Pete between April 5-7 and April 11-13. Anyone interested in attending a live taping can apply on

In addition to visiting some of America’s most iconic cities, Rick, Corey and Chumlee have also been known to take part in some thrilling activities along their journey – like skydiving or driving vintage cars – while searching for rare finds across the country!

So don’t miss out on your chance to witness history unfold before your eyes with Pawn Stars Do America’s upcoming visit to Tampa Bay this month!


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