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Passenger’s 911 Call Highlights Erratic Bus Ride with Alleged Drunk Driver



911 caller recounts wild ride on board bus

SEBRING, Fla. – A recently disclosed 911 call unveils gripping moments aboard a bus en route to a Florida graduation festivity, helmed by an alleged drunk driver who purportedly disregarded three red lights before being halted by a vigilant parent in another vehicle.

Around 30 graduating seniors from Sebring High School, accompanied by four chaperones, were en route to Daytona Lagoon for Project Graduation when they observed erratic driving from the Holiday Coach Lines driver, 55-year-old Keith Shifflett.

“He won’t stop,” the caller said. “He won’t stop driving.”

A female passenger dialed 911, urgently informing the operator of Shifflett’s disregard for traffic signals and refusal to halt the bus.

“I’m shaking,” the caller states before she can be heard in the background reassuring the passengers that the police are on their way. 

She then reiterates that the driver needs to have a sobriety test before telling the operator that he stopped the bus. 

“He just stopped in the middle of the road,” the caller said. “He doesn’t even have flashers on.”
Despite repeated pleas from passengers, the driver persisted in his erratic behavior. Amidst escalating panic, the caller stressed the need for a sobriety test, while the background erupted in cries of distress. Eventually, the driver brought the bus to a stop.
“She was like this guy is running lights, he’s cutting off people. We can hear people in the background screaming. And then I had another of the moms that was on the bus chaperoning as well, and she called me. She’s like, this guy is driving crazy, how do we stop him,” Diaz said.
Meanwhile, parent Gissele Diaz, trailing a few cars behind, received a frantic call from her daughter detailing the unfolding situation.
“To jeopardize these kids who are entering their brand new chapter of their lives and potentially could have taken that from them is a lot,” said parent Maggie Hucke, who was a few seats behind Shifflett and called 911.

A subsequent investigation by the sheriff’s office uncovered video evidence of Shifflett purchasing alcohol at a gas station prior to picking up the students. Confirming suspicions, Shifflett failed all four field sobriety tests. Fortunately, the students reached Daytona Lagoon safely aboard another bus. Despite the ordeal, there were no reported injuries, a relief to all involved.
“We were all just trembling. We were speechless. It was an absolute miracle nobody got hurt. We were just a little freaked out for sure,” Hucke said.

Following the incident, Shifflett was terminated from his employment at Holiday Coach Lines, the bus charter company. He now faces charges of DUI, along with 30 counts of culpable negligence and four counts of child abuse without great bodily harm, owing to the presence of minors on the bus.
“Keith was immediately terminated when arrested. He has been with us for around eight years without any complaints or concerns.

We have random drug screenings and have never had any positive results. We’re a small company and in 32 years have never had something like this happen,” the company president, Michael Kanago, said in a statement. News id first report on FOX 13 News
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