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Tampa Sweats Through Another Record-Breaking July: Hottest Month Ever!



July is the hottest month in Tampa’s history, beating the previous milestone set just last year. A stubborn westerly wind and hot nights contributed to the scorching temperatures, with an average of 86.5 degrees. Lack of rain caused an abnormally dry pattern, with Southwest Florida and Tampa Bay experiencing severe or extreme drought conditions. The usual afternoon thunderstorms were prevented by the westerly winds, adding to the heat.

Tampa sizzles with record-breaking temperatures! July witnessed the hottest nighttime temperature ever recorded, clocking in at a scorching 79.7 degrees. This heatwave resulted in soaring daytime temperatures as well. The high overnight temperatures paved the way for even hotter days, creating a sweltering atmosphere.

The heatwave extended beyond Tampa. Plant City experienced its hottest month ever in July, while St. Petersburg had its second hottest July, making it the fourth hottest month on record. The entire Tampa Bay area couldn’t escape the scorching summer heat.

Unprecedented heat dominates headlines worldwide as summer temperatures skyrocket. June marked the hottest month ever recorded globally, and early July brought scorching conditions that may have shattered historical records.

Since 1880, temperatures across the planet have risen by approximately 2 degrees, an alarming trend confirmed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Even more concerning is the fact that since 1981, the rate of warming has more than doubled.

A newly released Climate Action and Equity Plan reveals that Tampa has seen a staggering increase of 2.5 degrees in its average annual temperature since records began in 1891.

Tampa experienced its warmest year on record last year, with nine out of the top 10 hottest years occurring in the past decade.

Recognizing the threat posed by rising temperatures, Whit Remer, the city of Tampa’s sustainability and resilience officer, notes that public awareness is finally growing. Tampa is actively taking steps to combat the heat, including planting more trees, establishing cooling centers, and educating the community about the symptoms of heat stroke.

The city of Tampa has joined forces with the University of South Florida and Resilient Cities Catalyst in a groundbreaking collaboration. Their mission? To develop a heat resiliency playbook exclusively for East Tampa. By finding fair and effective ways to combat extreme heat, this playbook will pave the way for future initiatives across the city.

According to the Climate Prediction Center, the scorching temperatures in our region are set to persist for at least the next week. With extreme heat a constant factor, it’s crucial to stay prepared and take necessary precautions.

Unpredictable Weather Patterns Unsettling Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is experiencing a turbulent battle between westerly and easterly winds, making it difficult to determine when the region’s usual thunderstorm pattern will settle. However, one thing is certain: rain and high temperatures in the mid-90s are expected throughout the week. Stay informed and plan accordingly.

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