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Thursday Report: Hurricane Idalia Brings Floods and Widespread Destruction to Tampa Bay



Wednesday's Live Report Hurricane Idalia Brings Floods and Widespread Destruction to Tampa Bay

Idalia’s landfall in the Big Bend region resulted in a powerful storm surge flooding Tampa Bay’s coastal areas on Wednesday.

Category 3 Hurricane Idalia struck the Florida coast’s Big Bend region with destructive force. With sustained winds of 125 mph, it caused extensive damage to Horseshoe Beach, Steinhatchee, and Cedar Key.

Idalia has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but Florida can finally breathe a sigh of relief as storm surge warnings are called off. Unfortunately, over 200,000 residents remain without power. Meanwhile, South Carolina is now on high alert as Idalia lashes out, causing flooding in Charleston.

Coastal communities in Florida were hit by flooding caused by Idalia’s impact, with homes in Tarpon Springs, Shore Acres, and Hudson being affected. Tampa Bay also experienced flooding on Bayshore Boulevard. However, the most severe flooding occurred along the Alafia River in Riverview, Hillsborough County.

Exciting news for Tampa Bay area residents! Bridges and beach access are now open, allowing everyone to enjoy the beautiful coastline. And that’s not all – schools in Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough counties will also reopen tomorrow. Stay updated with the latest developments!

11:23 p.m. Did Idalia bring record surge to Tampa Bay?

Controversy surrounds the East Bay, St. Pete, and Clearwater as experts debate whether a historic storm surge occurred. Initial data suggests that water levels reached or surpassed previous highs. If this data is confirmed, East Bay Tampa would claim a new surge record for the Tampa Bay region, with an estimated height of nearly 5.7 feet.

Record-breaking storm surge hits St. Petersburg, reaching an unprecedented 4 feet. Mayor Ken Welch confirms the magnitude of the surge, comparing it to the city’s highest recorded surge in 1985. However, researchers caution that this data may still evolve in the days ahead.


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