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Transformations are on the horizon for the I-275, I-4 junction in the year 2024



Transformations are on the horizon for the I-275, I-4 junction in the year 2024

In Tampa, Florida, officials from the Florida Department of Transportation have announced upcoming modifications to the I-275/I-4 interchange, commonly referred to as ‘Malfunction Junction’ due to persistent congestion issues. Austin Petersen, spokesperson for the department, highlighted the necessity for changes to enhance traffic flow and safety, particularly addressing the high number of rear-end collisions at the interchange.

A significant aspect of the project involves the construction of a new flyover bridge connecting I-275 southbound to I-4 eastbound. This new structure will be positioned above the existing bridge, while the current bridge will undergo rerouting to link into Ybor City.

Petersen emphasized that the project represents a compromise, acknowledging the concerns of some local residents who preferred no alterations to the junction.

“The main concern for the community was essentially the interstate widening out into their community. So, we are maintaining, in DOT right of way, all of the construction. We didn’t expand that. We are maintaining that to address those concerns,” he said.

In 2024, project leaders anticipate that drivers will observe the commencement of structural work on the new flyover ramp. Additionally, crews are actively expanding lanes on I-275 in both northbound and southbound directions, extending north of I-4 up to Hanna Avenue.

The enhancement project for the interchange is expected to be under construction, with crews actively working on improvements, until the year 2027.


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