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Discover Tampa’s Ultimate Indoor Climbing Gym at Central Rock



Central Rock Gym inside view

Get your belays ready now – Tampa’s premier indoor climbing gym is ready for summertime. Central Rock Gym, with convenient locations in North and South Tampa, is a world-class rock climbing gym and has become a star in the city since opening last year. With summer weather pushing us indoors, their $10 membership deal is the perfect way to stay cool while getting our workouts in.

Central Rock Gym North Tampa is located in Citrus Park at 6918 Gunn Highway, while those on the south side of the city will enjoy the location at 4479 W Gandy Blvd. Both locations offer some of the best climbing and bouldering facilities in the region.

For a limited time, new members can get their first month for only $10 when they commit to one month of membership at full price, which gets them access to any Central Rock Gym facility across the country (including both Tampa locations). Perhaps the best part – and what separates CRG from other gyms – is that there is no sign-up or enrollment fee, no cancellation fee, and no obligation beyond your two months of climbing (though we imagine plenty of first-time climbers will get hooked).

CRG is truly a world-class facility, with a stunning lineup of varied-difficulty auto-belay climbs, a gigantic collection of bouldering walls, and fitness and yoga classes. Membership earns you unlimited fitness and yoga classes, free rental gear (shoes, harness, and belay device), free Climbing Progression Classes (coaching from expert professionals), and special membership appreciation events. Members also get a monthly guest pass to bring a friend and introduce them to climbing.

The free Climbing Progression Classes are a huge value, giving newcomers a Rock Climbing 101 lesson on their first day, followed by advanced training once they’ve mastered the basics. With unlimited yoga, HIIT, and strength training classes, two months at Central Rock Gym will have new members looking like a New Me.

You don’t have to be a member to join the fun. CRG offers day passes and single class passes for as little as $15. For parents needing to entertain their kids mid-summer, all children under 5 can get a day pass and climbing gear rental for only $15 total. That’s a lot cheaper than a theme park.

Central Rock Gym offers more than the typical gym membership. Part of what makes Central Rock Gym so special is the community it creates and nurtures. With regular events for members and a supportive atmosphere along the walls, the experience goes beyond the keep-your-head-down, come-and-go feel of big box gyms. That community ethos has driven CRG since its founding, making it a popular spot in Tampa.

To be sure, the incredible and modern facility is a huge draw. But CRG’s mission goes beyond expert rock and hand placement. “In addition to climbing, our gyms help build strong communities through their youth programs, member events, meetups, competitions, and fundraising events,” CRG says. “We strive to create an experience and atmosphere within our gyms that is welcoming and accessible to all climbers, regardless of experience or background.”

If you’re planning a visit, we highly recommend the $10 membership deal. If you want to give it a test run before committing, it’s easy to get your paperwork filled out online in advance and pop in for a belay class followed by a day of climbing. You might even be convinced to stick around for a restorative yoga class afterward.

Central Rock Gym is located at 6918 Gunn Highway in North Tampa, and at 4479 W Gandy Blvd in South Tampa. Learn more at

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