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A Pennsylvania-based bagel chain is set to expand its presence in Florida



A Pennsylvania-based bagel chain is set to expand its presence in Florida

Bagels & Co., headquartered in Philadelphia and renowned for its diverse cream cheese selections and authentic Brooklyn-style bagels, is embarking on an ambitious expansion initiative, intending to establish 20 new locations across Pennsylvania and Florida.

Glu Hospitality introduced the inaugural Bagels & Co. establishment in Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties neighborhood during the summer of 2021, followed by a second location in Fishtown in November 2022.

“Our initial expansion will be in Florida and Pennsylvania, which we believe offers incredible growth opportunities for the Bagels & Co. brand,” said Philadelphia restaurant group Glu Hospitality COO Derek Gibbons, who is leading the expansion with business partner and former investment banker Mike Marsh. “Our future plans call for expanding beyond that to several states and eventually a national rollout.”

Marsh is an investment banker-turned-venture capitalist who grew up in South Florida and “raised millions of dollars in funding to elevate Bagels & Co. to compete on a national scale,” a release said.

A company representative has officially confirmed that Tampa is under consideration as a potential site for a new branch set to open by 2024. In addition to Tampa, Bagels & Co. has its sights set on other Florida cities, including Miami, Tallahassee, Gainesville, and Orlando.

Bagels & Co. takes pride in offering a diverse array of over 30 cream cheese flavors, ranging from the delightful birthday cake and savory black truffle to the irresistible bacon cheddar, zesty sriracha scallion, aromatic roasted garlic, vegan-friendly tofu, and whimsical options like cookie monster and s’mores. To keep things fresh, digital menu boards showcase daily and weekly specials. Customers can enjoy indoor seating, and certain locations even provide the added comfort of outdoor patio seating.

As of now, there are four operational Bagels & Co. establishments in Philadelphia, with plans to launch an additional three locations in 2023.


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