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At last, a hotel has been established in Tampa’s Hyde Park



Palihouse Hyde Park Village is set to open its doors in November, becoming the first hotel in Tampa’s upscale Hyde Park Village. This 36-room boutique hotel, featuring a lobby lounge and cocktail bar, will share its building with the popular On Swann restaurant. Palihouse Hyde Park Village is the inaugural Florida property developed by Palisociety, a California-based chain with 19 boutique hotels in cities such as San Francisco, San Diego, New Orleans, Austin, Texas, and Wilmington, North Carolina. Avi Brosh, the founder of Palisociety, recently discussed the project with Bay magazine, and here are some key excerpts from the interview:

How did you learn about Hyde Park?

I was invited to visit by WS, the owners of Hyde Park Village, who mentioned they had this spot in Tampa they’d like me to check out. I was really impressed by how well they utilized that space. They showed great discipline in terms of tenant selection, work quality, and integrity. It was clear that one of our brands would seamlessly fit into this location, and that’s where the idea originated.

What attracted you to Tampa in general?

Approximately half of our portfolio is on the West Coast, with the rest scattered across the country. We’re experienced in managing properties in diverse locations. Tampa boasts a fantastic airport, and we believe our skills are well-suited to successfully open and operate a hotel here.

Why did you choose this particular location?

Many new hotels involve repurposing existing structures like apartments, hotels, or other buildings. In our case, we are converting former office space into a hotel. While this isn’t something we actively seek out, it presents an opportunity we couldn’t ignore.

What do you see as the target market for Palihouse Hyde Park Village?

Our primary focus will be leisure travelers, though we expect some business travelers as well. Hyde Park doesn’t have a pressing need for business lodging; it’s more interested in a design-forward, residential-style hotel in one of Tampa’s prime locations. Given our smaller size, we anticipate strong demand. Anyone coming to Tampa, especially Hyde Park, will likely choose us as their first option. Typically, in neighborhoods like Hyde Park, locals tend to support and recommend a hotel like ours to visitors. If we excel in our service, word-of-mouth referrals will likely play a significant role.

Please note that this interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

What will the hotel look like inside?

The interior of the hotel will exude a style reminiscent of a beautifully designed guest house or guest room at a friend’s home. It will have a comfortable pied-à-terre ambiance. All the furniture inside will be custom-made, contributing to a warm and layered atmosphere that avoids any formulaic design.

Have you always been in the hotel business?

As for my background, I initially ventured into the development business, focusing on home building and later shifting towards more urban-style development. Just before the global financial crisis in 2008, I took the leap and opened my first hotel in West Hollywood. Surprisingly, despite the challenging timing, that property performed exceptionally well. This success prompted our business to transition from urban residential development to neighborhood-style hotels. It’s a unique niche because many hotel companies tend to steer clear of smaller properties. However, we’ve honed our expertise in this area. We’ve become recognized as one of the leading owners and operators of high-design, small-key neighborhood hotels in the country, and we intend to continue specializing in this field.

Located: 1509 W Swann Ave Tampa, Fl 33606


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