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Grand Opening of East Tampa’s New City Center



Grand Opening of East Tampa's New City Center

In Tampa, Florida, the City has proudly unveiled its cutting-edge City Center in East Tampa. The primary objectives for this new facility are to optimize city operations, enrich the local community by providing a central gathering place, and advance workforce development initiatives.

Approximately 500 city staff members will be stationed at this center, where various city departments and divisions, such as Arts and Cultural Affairs, Code Enforcement, Community Engagement & Partnership, Fleet Management, and Maintenance, will be brought together under one roof to foster greater efficiency and collaboration.

he new government services building, spanning 161,000 square feet, was a substantial investment, costing over $100 million.

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor expressed the intention behind the project, stating, “Our goal here was to create a centralized, one-stop hub for city services within the community, conveniently located.”

Additionally, the mayor noted that the city and the construction company DPR not only met but surpassed their target for involving minority participants in the construction project.

“The commitment to diversity and inclusivity in every aspect of this build was a top priority,” said Brian Yarborough with DPR Construction.

Stephen Bridges expressed his gratitude for being a part of the project as a minority and a resident of East Tampa.

“I’ve seen the start of this building when it was flat ground to where it is now,” said Bridges, who served as a Project Engineer. “This is one of the biggest opportunities I’ve had in my construction career. So, being able to work in my own neighborhood, working on a project that’s $100 million, it’s just, it’s an out of mind experience.”


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