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Video Evidence Leads to Arrest of Neighbor Injecting Chemical into Bay Area Family’s Front Door



Video Evidence Leads to Arrest of Neighbor Injecting Chemical into Bay Area Family's Front Door

Startled and alarmed, a Tampa Bay family is experiencing genuine fear for their own safety. Their home surveillance camera captured their neighbor engaged in an unsettling act – injecting chemicals directly into their front door.

After moving into their new condominium in June 2022, Umar Abdullah and his expectant wife were ready to welcome their daughter. They met their neighbors, and soon enough, a newborn was kicking around the place.

Caught on Camera: Neighbor Threatens Tampa Bay Family’s Safety!

Umar Abdullah and his family are living in fear after a shocking discovery. Their neighbor injects chemicals into their front door. This dangerous act comes after a year of harassment following the birth of their daughter.

Shortly thereafter, his downstairs neighbor, Xuming Li, began texting him, complaining of noises from upstairs. In texts shared with Nexstar’s WFLA, Li said he couldn’t sleep, and could hear the toilet seat being moved.

“He complained about footsteps. He complained about door closing sounds,” Abdullah said. “My landlord and I did a simulation, and we could hardly find any sound.”

After months of back and forth between the two men, Abdullah and his family began experiencing grogginess, sickness and vomiting.

“I look at my daughter,” Abdullah said. “Her eyes were full of tears. She was not crying, but her eyes were full of tears.”


Abdullah said a friend of his first smelled the chemicals when she went to bring in a package while Abdullah was on vacation. When the family returned, they said smelled it too. Though some described it as nail polish remover,

Abdullah said it was more “obnoxious.””This chemical odor came back,” Abdullah said. “I installed a hidden camera outside, because we were suspecting someone is basically tampering with our place from outside. And then we got our neighbor injecting something through our door.”

Abdullah is fed up with this recurring issue. He took immediate action by contacting the police, resulting in the arrest of his neighbor, Xuming Li. Li now faces charges for battery and drug possession.

“If we could not have found that incident on the camera, probably after a few days, we might have been dead,” Abdullah said.

Unsettled and uncomfortable, they sought refuge with a friend, but returning to their home still fills them with unease after these traumatic events.

“I never expected something like that to happen. I wish no one else would have to go through a situation like this ever in their life,” Abdullah said.

Xuming Li, formerly a University of South Florida student, is no longer enrolled as of Summer 2023, according to court documents. Previously pursuing a PhD in the Chemistry department, Li’s academic journey has taken a different course.

Abdullah reveals that multiple agencies are currently conducting investigations and eagerly awaiting final lab reports to identify the specific substance that was injected. According to some reports, the substance contained methadone and hydrocodone.

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