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Next month, a fresh dining cruise experience is launching in Tampa



Craft, a novel gastronomic adventure, is poised to embark on its maiden voyage along the Hillsborough River next month. Yacht Starship Dining Cruises has announced that reservations will open for this European-style river cruise beginning March 8.

This new vessel, touted as the largest on the Hillsborough River, represents a multimillion-dollar investment and boasts several groundbreaking features for Tampa and the passenger vessel industry. According to a press release, Craft will be the inaugural dining cruise in the U.S. to feature an open kitchen and a cook-to-order galley utilizing gas cooking equipment instead of electric.

Distinguishing itself as the first low-profile river dining cruise vessel in Florida, Craft incorporates a unique design element with a 1914 vintage wood cruiser repurposed as the Bow & Stern bar. Guests will have three dining settings to choose from: indoor, outdoor, or bar dining.

Measuring 130 feet in length and accommodating up to 150 passengers, the vessel will depart from the Channel District at the StarShip dock adjacent to Sparkman Wharf. During the two-hour cruise, passengers will have the opportunity to admire Tampa’s picturesque waterways, including the Hillsborough River and downtown channels.

Yacht Starship Dining Cruise already operates a significant fleet of companies in downtown Tampa, including Pirate Water Taxi, Lost Pearl, Bay Rocket, Tampa Riverwalk Rentals, and Yacht Starship. Looking for how to reserve on Craft Tampa? click here.


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